VIP PubCrawl


Coming to Lisbon and seeking for the ultimate night experience?


Let us show you how magical it can get at the best clubs in Lisbon!
Why go slow when you can reach the stars?
A night out with your friends, special birthday, a stag party, or simply a private night you want to  remember?
Discover Lisbon- The Lisbon Pub Crawl is here to take care of everything. Our VIP package has all the ingredients to make this night memorable for you at best clubs in Lisbon- Includes 4 stops making your night 4 times better, put            on your best shirt, we are ready for you.

  • Our first stop includes: 3 incredible mixture of shots that will make you on fire from the very beginning.
    What´s better to start the nights than the nicely picked triple shots of the house?
  • Second: Open bar of beer and sangria while playing original portuguese games and some beer pongs,                                                                                   served also with shots.

Because sticking to shots is certainly not enough… We are opening one hour of all you can drink. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Third: Long drink Bucket. Let´s finish up all sweet! The most typical drinks of Portugal are known for being fresh and sweet and we are not only given small cups, we play by the big boys rules!
    And last but not least: VIP entrance to one of the best clubs in Lisbon, including one VIP bottle for 5 people.
    The night is far away from being over. No more walking, you will get to sit down in your VIP booth  and enjoy the last moments of your magical night in the best clubs in Lisbon.
    Do not ask yourself again, yes you are making the right choice!

Additional information

  • Pick up can be arranged depending on the hostel or hotel where are you staying;
  • The meeting point time should be respected to have the normal package;
  • The club has entry conditions, please come to us to know more about their conditions;
  • Any additional drinks are not included in the price.

Days of the tour: Everyday around 11:00PM.
Meeting point: Largo de Camões.