Special Pubcrawls


Welcome to our special events… Hen party in Lisbon, Halloween, New years, Valentines day, St Patrick’s day… You name it, we will be there in Lisbon nightclubs!


Our Pub Crawl have been called words from “Awesome” to “The best way to party”… Our special editions in Lisbon nightclubs are different from the normal Pub Crawl, they are way more special than you think. Just picture awesome madness times infinity- That’s how your night will look like!

We have all what we need and all it takes for the greatest nights, from the most awesome bars in town to the most amazing surprises for you to be the master of the night and make it as special as it is suppose to be in Lisbon nightclubs.

What will expect from this night tour?

Multiple iconic bars, a welcome shots in each one, outstanding promotions, games and funny challenges with our awesome teams, one hour opne bar of all you can drink of beer
and sangria and to finish up the night we will skip the line to the one of the best clubs in Lisbon.

Now you know, in Lisbon we are the masters of the night, we are born ready to party but on holidays you better watch out, because we bring out the big guns!

If you have any questions, or special request feel free to contact us at info@lisbonpubcrawl.com or info@discoverlisbon.org or call us directly.
Days of the tour: Everyday around 11:00PM.
Meeting point: Largo de Camões.